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Twineham Timber Ltd is a small rural business that evolved from restoring our 17th Century Farmhouse. Traditionally, English oak would be the favoured timber and that is exactly what we would use. The character and grain of English oak cannot be beaten by European oak and nothing else would do, in our opinion. So we harvested oak from our own woodland, some of it had been lying around for decades. We used a portable trekkasaw to mill the timber until purchasing a far grander bandsaw a few years later. 

We now have a much grander affair with our own sawmill and the ability to cut greater lengths of timber.

We dry timber using our on-site kilns and have various hardwoods in stock and available for purchase.

We are a small business and appreciate your enquiries via email please to:- whereby we will do our best to reply within 24 hours.

Visits to our workshop are by appointment only.


Twineham Timber Ltd


Quality Timbers

We actively manage and stock a wide range of quality hardwood timbers, and undertake the whole preparation processes ourselves taking stock 'in the round', leaving 'green', drying, sawing, treating, air-drying, kiln-drying, or leaving 'green' and storage.

We stock beams, boards and planks by species, and can fabricate to any shape, size or specialist dimensions that your project requires.

Stocks include species such as Ash, Cedar, Cherry, Elm, Holly, Lime, London Plane, Oak, Purpleheart, Sycamore... and we can acquire other genus as requested.

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Twineham Timber Ltd

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